“Joan is the definition of thorough, and is always happy to translate complicated tax jargon into everyday language for those of us who dread the paperwork and confusion of tax season. Her interpersonal and communication skills are what set her apart, and make her easy–and dare I say fun–to work with! “

Maria V.

“Rarely does one find a tax preparer who is both incredibly competent and interested in the person behind the return; tax season is no longer something I dread.”

Jean B.

“My taxes were prepared in a timely, professional manner — really appreciated the attention to detail that resulted in less taxes paid this year than last! Joan Kingseed will be doing my taxes again this year.”

Theresa M.

“Doing taxes gives me fits.  For several years Joan has made the process simple and practically stress free.  She is knowledgeable, well organized and thorough.”

Pat W.

“Efficient, thorough, reliable – we’re in good hands with her. She knows the regs and keeps it all above board while working to the client’s best advantage.”

Mary C.

“She really knows her stuff and is very thoughtful and very thorough–I have never had better help.”

Tom S.

“For years, Joan’s work as our tax preparer has been extremely thorough, professional, and empathetic. Her knowledge of the tax system has helped us manage life’s complex situations ethically and strategically. We are always at ease knowing she is on our side!”

Patrick H.

“Joan is a world-class tax preparer, a model of both professionalism and conscientiousness. I simply can’t imagine doing my taxes with anybody else.”

Justin V.